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Amelia Island Book Festival and Chili Cookoff

February 5th, 2011 by theAddison

I can hear you now.  A Book Festival and Chili Cook Off?  Outstanding!  Maybe we can get books on cooking chili?   Although the possible combinations of  Amelia Island Book Festival and Chili Cook Off are numerous and intriguing there are actually two separate events that are both held on the same weekend. 

The Chili Cook Off is being held on Saturday, February 19th.  It is a grand event that grows each year.  And each year I threaten to sign up and cook chili for the masses but, instead, will content myself with making a pot of chili for our guests at Happy Hour.  There were around 20 competitors (mostly service groups, firemen, local restaurants…) last year.  A block of Third Street is closed to traffic and chili cooking tables are set up for us to watch chopping, slicing, spicing, serving and eating chili.  Carl Davis will be playing at the Green Turtle all afternoon, right in the thick of the action, and it promises to be another great event.   

The Amelia Island Book Festival runs February 18 and 19 and has a slew of featured authors coming to Amelia Island for workshops, lectures and reading programs at schools. We at the Addison have the good fortune to be hosting writer, and Headline Author of the Festival, Jamie Ford, writer of “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet”.  The theme for the Book Festival this year is Books Change Lives and there will be several opportunities for meeting and mingling with the 60+ authors coming to the island. 

I used to read a lot and could plow through a nice thick novel in a few days.  It has been years since I have read a book.  Mind you, it has been just as long since I sat through a full movie or watched TV for one straight hour. It could be because I run an inn and it does seem to take up most of my day.  But you know what?  I always have time to cook up a pot of chili.

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