Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Concours d’Elegance Weekend

March 14th, 2011 by theAddison

What an absolutely fabulous weekend!  The weather was perfect with mid 70s and nothing but sunshine.  The 2011 Concours was a big hit drawing over 20,000 people to the island over the 3-day event. 
The Addison was packed with guests who have been staying with us for the car show for years.  It is a great group of people who don’t keep in touch throughout the year but are good friends when they come back to the Addison for the Concours.
One Ferrari went for $3.9 million at the auction.  Another Ferrari, in “barn condition” went for $600,000.  Barn condition is a car that was found in a barn, maybe with some rust paint, flat tires, rotted electrical system and hoses and a family of mice living in the seats. 
The car shown here is as close as I got to the Concours.  I was out walking Maggie Doone on Friday night and saw this car parked in front of Luigi’s Trattoria, just a couple of blocks from the inn.  Notice that when you drive a strikingly beautiful car you can park it anywhere you want, including at a yellow curb.
Another car worthy of the Concours was parked in our driveway for the weekend.  Mike was driving a new drop-top Bentley.  Most of the weekend the car was wrapped in the most luxurious car cover I have ever seen.  The car cover alone was worth the price of admission.
The Concours is over and Monday is winding down as well.  We have a decent sized crowd at the inn throughout the week and even have a couple of long-lost relatives staying with us.  Repeat guests Mick and Gwen checked in today for their annual vacation from Scotland.  Ted and Marlene came back for their 4th visit with us and brought friends from Alberta with them.
We like having guests return to us.  It is a great compliment, especially when they bring their friends.  We have another great group returning to us for Shrimp Festival in a few weeks.  It is always nice when a familiar face walks in through the front door and says “Hi Bob, we’re home!”
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