Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Florida Green Lodging update

April 6th, 2011 by theAddison

The Addison is a Florida Green Lodging property and has been for almost two years.  What does this mean to our guests?  They know that when they stay with us they are staying at a property that reduces the effect of their vacation on the environment.  We recently underwent our first audit by the Great State of Florida and they agreed that our efforts are making a difference and we passed the audit.

There are lots of little things we do that add up to a big impact.  We use soap and shampoo dispensers instead of little one-use bottles in the showers.  We recycle trash from the guest rooms and from our kitchen.  When new appliances are purchased we consider their energy use and when we replace fixtures we try to reduce water and utility usage.

We monitor and manage our energy and water usage as well.  In the last year we reduced our water consumption by 15% without compromising our guests’ experience or our garden’s lush growth.  We reduced our propane usage by 13% while still providing hot water for those giant whirlpool tubs in the courtyard rooms. 

Electrical usage was up 5% in the last year but we have a plan to tackle that over the next year with a re-insulation of the historic building.  Insulating under the floor and the attic will make everyone more comfortable in our winters when the furnace keeps churning and in the summer when the AC units run almost all day.  The insulation will reduce our energy consumption and also take a big chunk out of our electric bill.

That is an interesting aspect of being green.  Usually, if you can reduce your impact on the environment you can save money in the long run.  The extra money spent up front buying long-lasting curly fluorescent light bulbs saves you money every day in their operation and money in the long run because they last for years.  The small investments we make in updating our garden sprinkler system to reduce our water consumption or the larger investments in re-insulating our house pay off both environmentally and financially in the long run.         

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