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New Shop – Amelia Anglers

April 26th, 2011 by theAddison

A new shop called Amelia Anglers has opened up on Center Street that offers everything for the fisher or wanna-be fisher. This is your one-stop for bait, licenses, tackle, lessons and charters. Visitors to the island can even rent fishing gear for their outdoor adventures.

Amelia Anglers can arrange charters for river or off-shore fishing trips. If you want to take off on your own and head out to the fishing pier at Fort Clinch they have everything you need. The biggest setback for avid fishers that travel to the island is usually availability of a rod and reel. Restrictions on air travel have made it almost impossible to bring your own rod but now you can rent a set. Don’t know what you are doing? Take a lesson and learn which lure to use and how to tie it onto the line.

Amelia Anglers also sells SPF, island wear and beach stuff. The staff is happy to share their knowledge of the island and their favorite fishing spots.

Caught a big fish and don’t know what to do with it? Bring it back to the inn and we’ll cook it up on the grill for happy Hour. Everybody loves a nice slice of fresh fish, especially if the fisher is there to tell the story of how it was caught.

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