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Amelia Island Beaches

May 3rd, 2011 by theAddison

I had a guest ask me the other morning which of the beaches was my favorite beach.  Truth be told, I don’t get to the beach much so I don’t really have a favorite section. 

I did get down to American Beach (about halfway down the island) the other afternoon.  Brandon and Ashleigh are repeat guests and really great people so I agreed to doing their wedding service at the beach.  The beach there looked pretty much like the beach at the north end of the island.  The first photo here is Main Beach at the north end and the second photo is American Beach further south.  Both have big, wide open stretches of sand and an ocean right next to the sand.  How can one choose a favorite?  

 The beaches down on Talbot Island, the next island south, are much different from the beaches of Amelia Island.  They aren’t the groomed, replenished beaches you see here.  They are more rugged with big driftwood and trees right up to the water in spots. 

It is all good whichever beach you prefer.  Lots of sand, warm water and sunshine!  

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  1. pattaya villas

    Those beaches in Amelia Island look gorgeous. It must be awesome to relax there and enjoy the water during weekends. I love your pictures of the place.

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