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Smokin’ at the Happy Tomato

July 2nd, 2011 by theAddison

And speaking of food….

I walked down to the Happy Tomato this afternoon to pick up the baked beans for tomorrow’s July 4th (on the 3rd) cookout.  I knew I’d need two hands to carry the beans so I didn’t take Maggie Doone or One-Eyed Louie.  Without those two beasts I had the opportunity to check out the Happy Tomato’s kitchen. 

Rich, who is the owner, chief cook and bottle washer of the Happy Tomato does some pretty amazing things with food in this smoker of his.  It was converted from a drum with a firebox attached to the side.  The smoke (and heat) runs under the cookbox to heat it up some and then flows through the cookbox and out the chimney.  The smoker you see in the photo is used for chicken, ribs, brisket and other smaller cuts of meat.  He uses another smoker for the butt which takes a lot longer to cook.

Rich entered the Great Southern Tailgate Cook Off last year and was pleased with his results in the final judging.  He learned a few things about what the judges expect and he is ready to go back at them this year.  The Cook Off is August 26 and 27.  Mark your calendars, save the date and reserve a room.  The food at the Cook Off was great last year and it is going to be awesome this year.

Back to those beans.  I should probably taste them, you know, just to check them out….

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