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Teachers From All Over!

July 13th, 2011 by theAddison


An interesting coincidence came up with our guests this week.  We have four couples staying with us and all of the women are teachers.  They come from all over the southeast including Florida, South Carolina and Georgia with one of them came all the way from British Columbia.  The one on the left there, that is my sister whom I haven’t seen in 6 years.  She’s the one from BC. 

You know who I see more often than my sister?  The teacher on the right side of the photo, Linda with her husband Glenn, are here on their 4th visit with us. 

The photo is a bit foggy as the humidity is starting to kick in.  The days this time of year hit around 90 degrees with lots of sunshine.  The weather forecasts show 30% chance of thunderstorms every afternoon but don’t let that deter you from visiting.  If it does rain, it rains hard then stops after about 20 minutes.  Our guests this week are enjoying the beaches and are getting good use out our beach chairs, towels and umbrellas.

This time of year also brings manatees.  They migrate north to Amelia River this time of year mating and birthing.  A couple of our guests are heading out with Captain Carol on an EcoTour this morning after breakfast and they are sure to see some of the big beasts.  I must not be true Floridian because I still get excited when I see them. 

Another day is just starting.  The sun is coming up and it looks like nothing but blue skies.  A good day for the beach, an EcoTour or just reading on the front porch under the ceiling fan. 


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