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Elephant Ears and Monkey Grass

July 21st, 2011 by theAddison

Shannon went to Atlanta last week to buy some Christmas decorations but came back with a bunch of new plants for the courtyard.  Everything in the courtyard looks good and is growing well but we did have a few empty spots that could use some green.  These Elephant Ears are now on the left side of the path between the arbor and the fountain.  I’m not sure what that new grass is called that I planted all around the Ears but I’m going to call it Monkey Grass.

These are fiddleheads from the Australian Tree Ferns we have on the other side of the courtyard.  The ferns are really thriving in the courtyard.  I love the way these ferns grow with the fiddleheads uncoiling into leaves.

Here are the Australian Tree Ferns next to the variegated Ginger.  Both plants love the courtyard environment are are thriving.

And more Monkey Grass!  We have a real hard time keeping plants alive in that garden right in front of the fountain.  The fountain splashes so the dirt around it is always soaked.  That Monkey Grass should be happy there according to the pro at the nursery.

One last photo.  This Sideshow Bob fern is really growing well this year.  Daily water and Miracle Grow once a month is all it takes to keep this guy happy.  I’m not sure of the plant’s real name but he reminds of the hair on Sideshow Bob off of the Simpsons. 

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