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Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff, Amelia Island Aug 26 and 27

August 1st, 2011 by theAddison

Amelia Island will be putting on the second Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff on the 26th and 27th of August.  This event has it all with live music all weekend,  a beer tent, close proximity to the beach and of course, plenty of barbecue.  The event features BBQers from all over the country competing for prizes, bragging rights and glory.

Last year’s cookoff was the first serious BBQ event I have attended and I was really surprised at the range of cooking equipment these competitors bring to the table.  At one end of the scale is the smoker that is home-made out of an old drum and on the other end of the scale are stainless steel kitchens-on-wheels with automatic pellet feeders so the fire burns at the right temperature all night.  Walking around the grounds checking out the toys was a big part of the cookoff for me.  That and eating some great BBQ.

The Addison will be hosting Keith and Teresa Hall of the Seriously Smokin’ BBQ team.  They live in north Florida and aren’t travelling too far but when you have to be at the cookoff at 2AM to tend to your fires you like to be sleeping somewhere close by.  Last year we hosted the Cool Smoke team and our guests had a great time chatting with Tuffy and eating some great BBQ.  You can check out Seriously Smokin’ on their Facebook page.
Maggie Doone won’t be going to the cookoff this year as they have set up a no dogs policy.  She had a great time last year but will have to be content with eating BBQ at the front desk this year.
The Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff – Where the beach meets the brisket.  See you there!
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