Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Hurricane Irene Coming To Visit

August 23rd, 2011 by theAddison

Hurricane Irene will soon be churning up the coast of Florida.  The current projected path has the center of the storm well off-shore as it passes Amelia Island.  This storm is 700 miles across and still growing so we’re still going to have a wet and windy weekend but let me put my usual positive spin on things.

What to do on such a weekend?  Head down to the beach!  Walk the beaches with the wind in your face.  The surf will be pounding and churning up the beaches leaving behind a whole new collection of shells and shark’s teeth.  Stop into Sandy Bottoms and have a cold beer at the bar while watching the surf through the big picture windows.  It is a little hard getting their door open in a 70 mph wind (been there, done that!) but it is nice and cozy once you are inside.  Once back in town you can cruise the antique stores or spend an hour or two in the Amelia Island Museum of History. 

The wonderful restaurants in town will still be open so you can enjoy a nice dinner after the Addison’s Happy Hour. Then it is back to the Addison to curl up under the covers and watch a movie out of the DVD library in our front hallway.  There is nothing quite like falling asleep, snuggled up to the one you love, with the sound of rain on the roof. 

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