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Amelia Cruizers Car Show Coming Up!

September 30th, 2011 by theAddison

Jim was out cruising in his 65 Corvair the other afternoon.  He has this car in such great shape he’s thinking of entering it in the Amelia Cruizers Car Show that is coming up on October 15th.

There are two car shows on the island and the Cruizer show is by far my favorite.  The main reason is that I can actually attend the event!  It is held right downtown, just a block away, and I can walk through the show with Maggie Doone.  The other car show?  You have to drive to get there and the tickets are $45!

Early Saturday the 15th you’ll hear the cars coming to line up along Center Street.  Some are trailered in but a lot roll in under their own power.  There were 280 cars in last years show.  There are some classic cars but mostly cars from the 60s and 70s that guys have restored or customized on their own.  That is another reason that I like this show.  Most of these are cars that I could own some day, they aren’t $6.3 million Ferraris like at last year’s Concours auction.

Food vendors will be lining the street and there will be a DJ playing music from the 50s.  The car owners are usually with their cars and they are happy to answer any questions about them. The show goes until late afternoon when trophies are awarded, engines are started and the street empties.        

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