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Jeff and Tina Get Married

October 25th, 2011 by theAddison

Jeff and Tina got married at the Addison last weekend and it was a fun event.  Just look at the expression on their faces and on the faces of the people on the veranda.  Jeff married Tina at 6PM, just as Happy Hour was winding down.  The ceremony went well and everyone enjoyed it.  Their friend, Brad, read a few verses in Hebrew after my part was done and then the big finish.  Jeff did a good job (nobody was injured) of breaking the glass as he stomped it.  I called out “Mazel tov!” and they were married.   After the ceremony Jeff and Tina shared a wedding cake and champagne with the rest of the group at Happy Hour but nothing is finished until the paperwork is done.  Brock and Caroline, whose smiling faces you see on the veranda, signed the licence as witnesses and the deed was done.  Brock and Caroline were with us for a couple of nights and were on their honeymoon.

As with all weddings performed at the Addison, Jeff and Tina are covered by the Addison guarantee on their marriage.  If they ever doubt the wisdom of what they have done this weekend they can come back to the Addison for a week of king-sized beds with luxurious linens, oversized jetted tubs, romantic carriage rides and superb dining.  We’ll get the romance back on track for them.  Regular rates apply.
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