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October Shovelling

October 30th, 2011 by theAddison

Much of the northeast has been hit by an unusually early winter storm resulting in snow up to a foot deep in places.  While I sympathize with those of you who have to shovel out your driveways this early in the year I would like you to know that I have had my own shovelling to do as well.

Our herb garden was kind of scattered all over the courtyard until I consolidated it in one sunny spot yesterday.  I stacked up some bricks, laid out a couple of timbers and potted / repotted our herbs. 

The basil we use in the bruschetta for Happy Hour.  I use the oregano and the basil in sauces that I make for our dinner.  Shannon even used basil leaves as the form for chocolate leaves with which she garnished the strawberry shortcake we served at breakfast the other day.  The rosemary we use for meat dishes and the parsley and chives are used for garnishing the savory dishes at breakfast.  We still have the bird bath full of mint in the courtyard.  The mint certainly does like that spot, there must be just the right amount of sunshine.

A minor bit of shovelling I admit, compared to digging out a driveway from a snow storm, but it was a nice way to spend an hour or so on a sunny afternoon.

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