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Petanquers Petanqueing

November 12th, 2011 by theAddison

The third annual Open International Petanque Tournament opened yesterday.  That is pronounced pay-tonk.  It is from France so throw a little French accent in the pronunciation.  The game is like Bocci with a lot of balls being thrown around but different.

And what a lot of balls!  Last year there were 80 two-person teams entered in the competition.  This year there are 130 teams.  This competition, she grows!  (That sounds better with a French accent too).  Competitors are coming from 23 states, Europe and even Canada.  We have a couple staying at the Addison from California who are in town for the competition.

What is the appeal of this game and why is it growing so?  A certain level of skill is required and a bit of agility is needed to play but this is not a full contact game.  Anyone can play regardless of age and gender and everybody can have, with practice, a reasonable chance of being competitive.  Also, this is one of very few games to which you can wear a beret and nobody will bat an eye. 

The practice pits are open year round down in the park by the marina.  Grab your balls and head on down there.  With a little practice you can represent Fernandina Beach in next year’s Open.

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