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Days Like These…

December 7th, 2011 by theAddison

Days like these remind us why we moved to Florida.  Sunshine every day, highs in the mid to high seventies, lows overnight in the mid forties.  Low humidity.  Cool enough to sleep with the windows open but warm enough that we still run the AC in the afternoon.  Still nice enough weather that I can paint outside in the afternoon.

Shannon took Maggie Doone to the beach yesterday.  Shannon loves walking the beach when the weather is like this and Maggie just loves going to the beach at any chance.  She is a complete idiot (Maggie Doone) at the beach with running in circles, throwing stuff around and digging holes.

I walked Maggie down to the marina last night and back up through Center Street.  The town was quiet and the moon was hanging low at the end of Center.  The moon looked like it will be full in a couple of days.  There was a light breeze blowing, with a bit of beach smell in the air and I thought to myself “Days like these are why people move to Florida”.

PS:  There will be a full moon this weekend, just in time for the Lighted Christmas Parade.  The Parade goes right in front of the Addison so we’ll move Happy Hour out onto the front porch to watch.

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