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December 18th, 2011 by theAddison

I took Maggie Doone and One Eyed Louie for a walk this morning down to the marina and back through town.  It was a great morning with plenty of sunshine and a bit of fall in the air.  The kind of morning where you walk on the sunny side of the street.  A shrimp boat was pulling in and the picture as I saw it in my mind didn’t quite transform into the picture you see here.  It is hard to get a great photo, capture the whole marina feel and frame up a shrimp boat nicely when two dogs are pulling in opposite directions because they heard a train whistle.  But you do get blue skies, and expanse of water and a glimpse of a shrimp boat in the river.

Meanwhile, things are happening behind the scenes in our sleepy little winter seaside town.  Businesses come and go and it seems like more are coming than going this winter.  We lost Indigo Alley, a popular music spot and wine garden last fall but the bar will be reopened in January as an extension of O’Kanes Irish Bar.  They will offer a different menu but share the full liquor license of O’Kanes. 

The Fernandina Beach Dinghy Club will be reopening in March after years of closure, under new management and possibly a new name.  The building isn’t in the best spot, right on the railway tracks behind the Marina Restaurant (another local’s favorite) but they have an incredible waterfront view from the second floor bar.

Cafe Karibo is expanding into a vacant spot just a few doors down and they will be opening a fresh fish shop.  Kind of like fish and chips but much better.  I’m really looking forward to that opening. 

The biggest potential for a great, historic property downtown is the old Post Office building.  The Post Office wants to sell the building but nobody seems to want to buy it.  I think it would make a great B&B.  A beautiful 3-story historic building with original windows and woodwork inside.  Even a freight elevator.  The county’s original courtroom is on the second floor and that would make a great lounge with a couple of pool tables.  We could call it the Old Post Office.  Is there anyone out there with $10 million looking for a place to spend it?

So, as out town makes it through another winter it is nice to see that people see the potential of the town and are willing to invest in it.  We saw the potential four years ago, invested in it and haven’t looked back.  Have a great Christmas and we hope to see you again soon!
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