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A Lasagna To Remember!

December 25th, 2011 by theAddison

Christmas is finally here after so many weeks of having the inn decorated and the Addison kitchen has been cooking!  This morning for Christmas breakfast we had White Chocolate-Cherry Muffins, Fresh Berries with Lemon Cream and Banana-Walnut Belgian Waffles.  We have had a buffet of light snacks and baking on the the side board in the dining room all afternoon with even more food ready for Happy Hour.  Our guests have been eating well all day and our turn comes this evening.

Lee assembled a tremendous lasagna this afternoon.  Layers off her delicious meat sauce, lasagna noodles, fresh mozzarella, Havarti, Parmesan and cottage cheeses all topped off with more cheese.  This thing is huge.  I tried to weigh it on our kitchen scales but they just wouldn’t handle the heft so I brought our the bathroom scales.  The photo you see here is the lasagna sitting on the scales.  Those numbers you see on the little blue screen are the uncooked weight.  That’s right, 17.1 pounds.  We will be eating this beast for weeks!

From all of us at the Addison, to all of our friends, family, fans and followers…  Happy Holidays!  Eat well, hang out with family and look forward to another great year ahead of us all!


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