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Going Sailing on a Bonus Day!

January 7th, 2012 by theAddison

Whenever we get days with weather like this I call them Bonus Days.  It is the first week of January and the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 70s.  Days like these are why people move to Florida.

We took full advantage of a Bonus Day yesterday and went sailing.  Our two sons, Matt and Dan, are visiting the Addison for the first time and we thought a sailing trip might be a good way to see some of the waters around the island.  We booked a half-day sail with Captain Tony of Windward Sailing and away we went.

We sailed out the Saint Mary’s River, past Fort Clinch and out into the Atlantic where the wind picked up and we headed south along the Amelia Island.  We weren’t far enough off shore to see the Right Whales that are here this time of year but we did see lots of dolphins.  On the way back to the marina we sailed along close to the Cumberland Island shore looking for wild horses.  We had a great day and Lee even got to steer the boat!


One thought on “Going Sailing on a Bonus Day!

  1. Capt. Tony

    An awesome day of sailng with friends and family. Thanks for allowing Windward Sailing to be a part of your celebration….and for laughing at my corny jokes! Tony – Windward

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