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Moving On Up To Amelia Island!

February 27th, 2012 by theAddison

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, because I did the same thing, but we have a lot of guests who stay with us for a few days, buy a house on the island and move here.

Tony and Susan are on the left side of the photo. They came to the Addison for 5 nights to get married. The wedding went over well and they started to fall for Amelia Island. Today they bought a.house! They had no intention of buying a house when they arrived but there we go.

That is Trudie on the right side of the photo.  Her yet-to-be-husband was a frequent business traveller at the Addison. Trudie and Maynard got married and decided to move here after retirement. Their house is currently rented and waiting for them both to take the retirement plunge.

These aren’t our only guests who have stayed with us and bought property on the island. There is a big advantage to moving here after staying at the Addison…. We love having you back for Happy Hour! It is always nice to see our previous guests and catch up with them about life on the island.

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  1. trudie

    The Addison is like our home away from home. Shannon and Bob have become our dear friends. How special is that. Trudie and Maynard.

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