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More of our favorites…. Amelia River Cruises

June 5th, 2012 by theAddison

We send a lot of our guests down to Amelia River Cruises, mostly because they all have a great time and come back happy. They offer reasonably priced tours that get you out on the water for a couple of hours and they are pretty entertaining and informative during the tours. The tours go along the river by Fort Clinch and Cumberland Island and their guests see manatee, dolphins, wild horses and maybe even a submarine.

The cruise company is constantly adding to their tour offerings too. Last year they added the BYOB Twilight Cruise for adults only and this year they added the Eco/Shrimping Tour. They run a net through the water and dump the contents into an on-board aquarium for an up-close look at what lives in the river. A couple of the Addison’s guests went on this tour last week and loved it!

Full details can be found at www.AmeliaRiverCruises.com

Photo by Clyde and Elizabeth Wilkes.

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