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Lunch With Warren Buffet? Try Lunch with Bob!

June 10th, 2012 by theAddison

Warren Buffet is a rock solid investor with years of experience in making money.  Big money.  Each year he auctions off a lunch with Warren (a buffet lunch?) during which he answers any questions you may have.  This year the auction was won at $3.5 million.  That got me thinking.

Everyone has questions.  A lot of you have questions about the innkeeping business, life and the pursuit of happiness.  I’ve got answers.  And I’m willing to part with them over lunch if your bid is the highest.

Here’s what you get for your winning bid:
*  Lunch with Bob, Maggie Doone and One-Eyed Louie for you and a guest.
*  Complete, open access to my knowledge of the innkeeping industry, traveling the world, life secrets and a lot of stuff that I have made up or stuff that I think I remember correctly over the years.
*  Lunch includes whatever Brook, the head chef at the Green Turtle, is cooking that day plus beer and/or wine.
*   Exclusive reserved seating at the corner of the bar for lunch.

Bidding starts at $50.  That should cover the cost of the lunch and a bunch of PBR.  Everything above the cost of the lunch will be divided between two local charities that benefit our four-legged friends, the Nassau Humane Society and Cat’s Angels.  You get the tax receipt.

Entry is easy.  Just send us an e-mail, fax, “Like” us on Facebook with a bid, or give us a call at the inn at 904-277-1604.  We will post bid updates on our Facebook page and bidding will be active until June 23rd when the winner will be announced and lunch will be scheduled at a time convenient to you, the winner of a Lunch With Bob.

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