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Another of Our Favorites: Espana Tapas and Restaurant

June 25th, 2012 by theAddison

This continues our series on a few of our favorite things on Amelia Island.  Please keep in mind that I am not a pro food critic and do not understand subtle nuances of flavor and texture.  I comment on restaurants as I would comment on fine art, I know what I like.

I love Espana Tapas and Restaurant for two reasons.  I love eating there with my family and I send our guests there knowing that they will come back happy.  The food is great, the service wonderful and the staff is not only friendly but they pretend to tolerate me after a bottle of wine.

Espana serves tapas, or appetizers, as well as a full dinner menu.  The menu is old world cuisine from Spain and Portugal with a heavy emphasis on seafood.  Probably a third of their menu is fresh, local seafood.

This photo shows two of my favorite choices at this, one of our favorite restaurants.  The Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew is delivered to your table in a big iron cauldron.  The vegetables are tossed in just before serving so they are cooking in the broth on their way to the table and are cooked but crisp, not all mushy.  The seafood in the stew is plentiful.  The presentation, the taste and the amount of seafood in the cauldron make this a favorite.  Not into seafood?  The beef tenderloin with a bleu cheese sauce is amazing.

The other favorite in the photo?  The white wine sangria.  Love it!  And its made with fruit so it’s good for you.  They also do a great red sangria, loaded with fresh berries.

Only two blocks away, great food and excellent service.  If this was fine art, I’d eat it off the wall.

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