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Walking the Wall

July 13th, 2012 by theAddison

Our guests keep asking us about our vacation time and, frankly, we haven’t had any since we bought the inn almost 5 years ago.  A couple of reasons come to mind: We don’t need a vacation and where would we go?  We live in a top-rated B&B in a top-rated tourist destination in Florida.  How can we beat that?

I booked a vacation for us today.  The inn will still be open and run by Lee who is perfectly capable, along with our staff, of doing everything that needs to be done.  The only difference is that Shannon and I won’t be here.

Where will we be?  Walking coast to coast across England along Hadrian’s Wall up north near the Scottish border.  Coast to coast is only 90 miles and the route is peppered with little towns, Roman-era forts, cathedrals and such.  We will be staying in B&Bs (always a better way to stay) along the route and will have a few days in Glasgow as well. 

In AD 122, Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a wall across northern England to hold back the advancing Barbarians. Despite the depredations of the centuries, Hadrian’s Wall remains the largest ancient monument in northern Europe and the best way to appreciate it, and the ruggedly beautiful countryside around it, is to walk it, following in the footsteps of the Legionnaires.  I’m pretty sure the Legionnaires didn’t have B&Bs to stay in but we’re sure not going to be camping.

Stay tuned as we’ll be reviewing restaurants, B&Bs and the scenery as we walk across England!

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