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Hadrian’s Wall 10, 11 August

August 11th, 2012 by theAddison

Today was a travel day.  We left Glasgow this morning on the train to Edinburgh. From there we look another train from Scotland into England and to Newcastle on the Tyne.  You know, if you don’t know the nuances of train travel (reserved seats, luggage storage, which car to be on…) you can appear to be quite the wanker.  But we arrived at our day’s final destination, the town of Wallsend, around 2 anyway.  
Wallsend is at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall.  Get it?  Wallsend?  There are remains (foundations) of the Roman fort at Segedunum just a short walk from our inn, the charming Dorset Arms.  We start our walk there in the morning.  The first day’s walk is only 12 miles to Newburn.
Back to Wallsend for a bit. The Dorset Arms is a cozy little hotel in Wallsend.  We had quite a pleasant afternoon sitting out in the sunshine on the front patio with a pint.  Unlike the rest of the town, which was firmly shuttered by 7pm, the Dorset’s Bar seems to be quite the happening place.  Right now the band is warming up for tonight’s performance.  From the sounds of it they are a big-hair band tribute of some kind.  Yee ha.  I can hardly wait.
The next day, Saturday I think.  We have just checked into the Keelman’s Inn and what a nice surprise.  A bathtub in the bathroom, a reasonably sized room and pleasant people manning the fort.  The “rooms” portion of the property is across the carpark from the bar so if a band is playing in the bar tonight we should be able to sleep right through it.  We are just outside of Newburn in an old pumping station from coal mining days that has been converted into a brewery and inn.  

We managed a 12 mile walk today from Wallsend, along the River Tyne riverwalk through Newcastle and on through Newburn to the Keelman’s Inn (did I mention that we are staying in a brewery tonight?).  The photo here shows the milenium bridge and the art gallery far side of the river.  The walk from Newcastle to here was fairly uneventful, kind of like walking the WOD trail in Virginia.  Paved trail, limited views due to trees alongside and fairly level grades.  All in all, a nice stroll.  We stopped at the Boathouse Pub for lunch and managed to drag ourselves out of the seats after lunch for the last 1/2 mile walk.  

Right now Shannon is having a nice soak in the tub and I’ve a pint of brown ale, brewed here in the brewery, in front of me whilst I wait for my tour of said brewery.  The sun is breaking through the clouds and it is turning into a pretty nice afternoon.  
Tomorrow promises to be a little more exciting with some actual wall sitings. The wall is pretty much gone between Wallsend and here but as we leave the urban environment of Newcastle and move out into the countryside we expect that to change.  Until then, a familiar face in a familiar pose.  Did I mention that we are staying in a brewery tonight?

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