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Day 4, Humshaugh to Twice Brewed

August 15th, 2012 by theAddison

Day 4.  Humshaugh to The Twice Brewed Inn, 12 miles.
With our arrival at the Twice Brewed Inn last night we are half way through our walk across England.  What a day it was with incredible scenery, beautiful weather and quite a challenging walk.

We started off in Humshaugh (Hums-half) where we stayed at the beautiful Linden House B&B, were we enjoyed exceptional service from the innkeepers.  The walk started off with what we were used to, paths through farms filled with sheep and cows, a nice stroll through the countryside.  

Then the climbing began. The Sewingshields Crag was a relatively steep climb that went on for almost a mile lifting us from the valley floor to the top of the escarpment.  Hadrian’s Wall was evident along the way with long sections of wall, turret foundations and milecastles along the way.  

Then we had a series of short hills to climb up and down.  Short distance, not short height.  Rock steps replaced the grass path as we scampered up and down the side of the hills through gaps in the shield.  


There is pretty much nothing between the start and finish of the 12 mile stretch except for the wall. There was a little truck with coffee for sale at a parking lot and a set of portapotties about half way.  We had picked up a packed lunch in Humshaugh and ate it as we went.

We made it to the car park at Steel Rigg and our 12 mile trail walk was done for the day.  We just had another mile to walk to get to the Twice Brewed Inn where we will be spending two nights.  No walking today.  We might take a bus into Carlisle and tour the castle and town.  The bus ride takes less than an hour.  It is going to take us 3 days to walk it.  I think the next time we pick a country to walk across we might find a flatter one.  Until then, I’ll be having a pint in the bar of the Twice Brewed Inn.

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