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Day 5, Twice Brewed to Gilsland

August 16th, 2012 by theAddison

Another challenging day today.  As Pete used to say “This ain’t no walk in the park.”. Only 8 trail miles today, with at least 5 of them either strong up or strong down.  This cross country walk is breathtaking in a couple of ways.

Check out this first photo.  That tiny white building, mid photo about 2/3rds up is the Twice Brewed Inn that we stayed in last night.  This photo was taken from the top of our first climb.  The trail went up further to Winshield Crags.  The locals say it used to be Windshield Crag but the wind is so strong it blew the d away.  Up and down the Bogle Hole and the Caw Gap and then over the Cawfields Crags to the Cawfield Quarry Picnic Site with public toilets!  Another couple miles of crags and we started hitting more farm land and the the hills started rolling instead of pitching.


We finally did make it to flatter land (not flat, flatter) in the last trail mile, and the rain started just as we left Thirwall Castle (ruins pictured here).  We have been very fortunate that we have had no rain up until today.  We put on our waterproofs and kept moving into the no so bustling town of Gilsland.  One pub is closed because the owner died, the other only opens up at night.  No shops.


Another mile on the road and we arrived at the Bush Nook Inn, a nice 6-room inn in the midst of farmland.  The rooms are comfy with en-suite baths and they are well regarded on TripAdvisor.com.  There are no restaurants within walking distance so the innkeeper has offered to drive us into Greenhead for dinner and pick us up afterward.  Check them out at www.BushNook.co.uk.  
Later:  Just back from a wonderful dinner in Greenhead.  I had another chance to have some haggis and black pudding and with a chicken and leak pie.  Great eating all around.  I did have time, of course, to hoist a pint in your honor whilst out…

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