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Another New Restaurant, The Salty Pelican!

August 26th, 2012 by theAddison

The Salty Pelican has opened up in the old Fernandina Beach Dinghy Club.  Many visitors to Fernandina Beach have probably never even seen the old Dinghy Club as it is tucked around behind the Marina Restaurant and the only access is along the railway tracks.  Why the odd location you ask?  OK, so it is a little hard to find but the sunset views from the second floor deck are amazing! 

The Pelican has a full indoor and deck restaurant on the ground floor and a second floor deck that overlooks Amelia River to the west, where the sun sets, every night. 

Their menu is big on fresh seafood with shrimp and fish from our local waters and oysters from Louisiana.  The oysters come fried, on the half shell, broiled or in a po’ boy sandwich.  Shrimp come as appetizers, on a salad, fried or in tacos.  There are a couple of non-seafood dishes (steak on a plate or in tacos, chicken wings/fingers, and salads as well just to keep everyone happy.

One other notable change in the downtown restaurant landscape is the closure of Pompeo’s Italian Restaurant.  Mario has been a restaurateur in town for 30 years and he thought it was time to retire so he found a new tenant for his building.  Ciao Bistro, another Italian restaurant, is rumored to be moving into Mario’s spot downtown.  Ciao has been enjoying a good business and great reviews in their off-island location and are taking the opportunity to move into the big time.  We will miss Mario, his food and his meatballs for Maggie.  As one door closes, another gently swings open….

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