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B&B Opportunity in Florida

August 30th, 2012 by theAddison

I hear it every day from our guests, “Gee Bob, you really like running a B&B. How do I get into this sweet deal?”  OK, maybe not every day and maybe not a sweet deal but you get where I’m going.  An opportunity has opened up in Florida for YOU to be more like Bob and to own your very own B&B. 

This opportunity is a Florida landmark building with a history that will enthrall your guests.  Two buildings, 6 bedrooms and a bunch of bathrooms  This property has 9 1/2 acres,  342 feet of lakefront in central Florida, near the Villages, with room for expansion.  The original furnishings are being offered as “frozen in time” by the seller.  This property has so much potential that I’m even excited about it.

And the history!  Remember Ma Barker and her sons, the Barker Boys?  From back in the 30s?  Her house, the last stand for Ma and one of her sons, is now up for sale as a potential Bed and Breakfast property.  This is the house where the FBI finally took down one of the most notorious criminal families in a hail of gunfire (1500 rounds according to the newspapers). 

Check out the sales brochure.  Shannon used to work in Real Estate sales and I have never seen photography like this in a real estate brochure before.  This is one special property.

What could you do with the property?  From the photos it looks like those 1500 holes have been patched up and the furniture all looks to be in good shape.  You could consolidate some rooms in the existing buildings, get rid of a couple of bedrooms to make room for more bathrooms so that each room had its own bath.  Claw footed tubs (now available in Jacuzzi models), period furniture, comfortable mattresses and some nice linens and you are good to go!  Add another building with a big kitchen and dining room along with a nice apartment for you and a few more guest rooms and you are good to go.  Get some paddle boats and canoes and you have the start of a destination resort.

You might want to change the name from “Ma Barker Gang Hideout” to something a little more romantic.  You can’t ignore the history of the place because that is your draw as a destination but I’m not quite sure how you reconcile a gangsters final hideout with a romantic little hideaway (Breakfast, just like Ma used to make!) but just think of the fabulous theme weekends you could come up with!

Take the plunge…  be like Bob!

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