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Souvenir of Scotland

September 13th, 2012 by theAddison

What’s that you are cooking with Bob?  A stick?  Well it is a stick but it is a special kind of stick.  This stick is brought to you by the same people that invented golf, curling (the game), sheaf tossing and the Highland fling.  That’s right, the Scots.  The Scots call this stick a porridge spurtle and they use it when making porridge.  Oatmeal as we call it.  I like Scottish porridge.  The oats are a little finer and they are cooked in milk to make a nice creamy bowl of deliciousness.  And they are stirred with a spurtle.

Whilst on vacation we spent a day with Gwen and Mick (for security reasons not his real name) in Edinburgh.  Mick was kind enough to purchase this spurtle for us as a souvenir of the day.  The flat end of the spurtle is great for stirring the bottom of the pot, the straight sides do a nice job of cleaning the sides of the pot and the ribbon is tartan, my favorite color.  A great souvenir, both useful and full of memories.  Thanks, Mick!


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