Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Fort Clinch Segway Tour

September 21st, 2012 by theAddison

Just look how happy these people are!  Guests of the Addison on Amelia went on the new EcoMotion Tour in Fort Clinch State Park today and had a blast!

EcoMotion recently expanded their tour offerings to include tours in Fort Clinch State Park and our guests are loving it!  The tour start point is only a few minutes from the inn and Fort Clinch offers a wide variety of terrain and wildlife for the Segway riders.  Riding a Segway is a piece of cake, even for people like me.  The commands given to the transporter are intuitive and pretty easy to get used to. 

This group of hardy wilderness explorers are all staying at the Addison.  I love it when guests hang out and do stuff together.  This group has been thick as thieves all week, eating breakfast together and always maintaining a 100% attendance record at Happy Hour.  Again, I love it!  Two of them (guess which ones) were married in our courtyard two days ago and they are enjoying their honeymoon to the fullest!

The tour went well today with no giant Golden Orb Spider sightings and everyone managed to keep their Segways in some kind of ordered procession through the hinterlands of Fort Clinch State Park.

Go forth, have fun!


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