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Smilin’ Liz in the Addison!

September 29th, 2012 by theAddison

The Holiday Season is upon us with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (especially New Years!) looming on the horizon.  As part of our ongoing quest for continued improvement we thought we should expand the champagne selection, especially for New Years.  Our current champagne is quite good and sells well as part of our Romantic Getaway package.  We did a champagne testing at New Year’s Eve Happy Hour that our guests just loved!  What better way to have our guests love it more than by offering a wider selection of champagne?

Enter Smilin’ Liz. (Photo: Liz on the left, Lee on the right) You may remember her from previous posts on this site.  She sells wine.  It is a good idea, when in sales, to sample your product and to let your customers sip on a little as well.  So we gathered a small group of us, a bigger group of champagnes and an even bigger gaggle of champagne flutes the other day in order to sample some of Smilin’ Liz’s wares.

It was a great afternoon!  And what great champagnes!  Several were sampled and compared against what we currently sell.  All very scientific and very sober.  In the end we couldn’t decide so in a few weeks Smilin’ Liz will be back with another selection.  This decision making is tough!

Keep smiling Liz, we’ll see you soon.

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