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Vote Early and Vote Often!

October 17th, 2012 by theAddison

OK, touchy subject this politics, but this is social media so lets see if we can effect a social change with it.  The last thing any innkeeper wants is guests involved in a political discussion at Happy Hour.  Or at breakfast.  But here goes Bob with his two cents worth….

Vote early and vote often!  Get up off of the sofa, drop your excuses and get to a polling station!  I don’t care if you vote for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or the Canadian Marijuana Party (Oh, yes, Virginia, it does exist).  Having the right and the responsibility to vote is something that many people in the world do not have.  Me?  I’ve only been eligible to vote in one federal election, being a newish American citizen, and vote I did.  And I’ll be at the early polls soon to cast another vote.

Voting early is easy but how do you vote often?  Get your neighbors and family involved and urge them to vote.  Volunteer with an old folks home and offer to drive them to the polls.  Volunteer at the polling stations, volunteer in your community. 

And be an informed voter.  Read up on the issues.  Spend as much time selecting your elected officials as you do selecting your fantasy football team.  Maybe even a little more time as your next President will affect your life for 4 years but fantasy football season is pretty short.

Here are my top three reasons to vote:
1.  Because you can!
2.  Because even if you live in a heavily D (R) state and you are a R (D) your vote still matters.  Political groups love statistics and start to panic when they see voting trends that signal a change in the political stream of consciousness.
3.  Because if you vote you can complain about the outcome.  If you don’t vote you can’t utter one word of political complaint for 4 years.  It’s true.  I read it on the Internet.

That’s my rant for today.  In closing I offer a photo I took on the veranda at 4PM as I was getting set up for Happy Hour.  Blue skies, sunshine, mild temperatures and an absolutely beautiful day!  A great weekend ahead too with the Amelia Cruizer’s Car show, one of my favorite events.  I’m not sure yet which car I will be voting for as “Crowd Favorite” but I will be voting. 

Vote early and vote often!

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