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November Beaches

November 20th, 2012 by theAddison

Birds on the beach.

What an absolutely gorgeous day!  Just got back from a nice long bike ride and thought that those of you who can’t see their lawns due to snow might like to see our beach.

We have a light house this week in anticipation of a very busy Thanksgiving weekend.  The turkey is in the fridge, the menu is set and our friends from Virginia arrived last night to help out in the kitchen.  I cut the lawn this morning and got all the watering done early so I thought this is a good chance for a bike ride.

Sea grasses on the dune

I rode out and made a couple of stops for errands then headed to the beach.  I always seem to have the wind in my face while bike riding but today wasn’t too bad.  The temperature is hitting 70 and the sky is blue.I stopped in at Sandy Bottoms for a pint and to see Artie and because it is important to rehydrate after exercise.

Back on the bike and through the Historic District just to see what is going on before heading back to the inn.  A nice ride on a nice day!

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