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In Which I Make Le Cloaf

November 25th, 2012 by theAddison

Shannon drives the creative bus at the Addison and is charge of menu planning for our guests’ breakfasts.  I am more of a meat and potatoes, one pot cook and look after most of the dinners that are just for us.  The other night I got a craving for meatloaf, but not just any meatloaf, the Le Clos meatloaf.

Le Clos is a great little French restaurant in town, one of our favorites and very suitable for a special occasion.  They have a great meatloaf on the menu that is made with beef, pork and lamb that I decided to try to make myself.

Beef?  Check.  Pork?  Well, there was some pulled pork in the freezer that I diced up and added to the beef.  Lamb?  No lamb.  Two out of three isn’t bad.  In went some Worcestershire Sauce and a packet of Fred’s French Onion Soup Mix.  I’m sure Le Clos doesn’t use Fred’s Soup Mix, they probably use some high-end Onion Soup Mix but as Donald Rumsfeld says “You don’t cook with ingredients that you want, you cook with ingredients you have”.  Or something like that.  I mixed everything up, put it in a loaf pan, and slathered it with a secret blend of ketchup and HP sauce.  Magnifique!  I called it The Le Cloaf.
We were still in the middle of Happy Hour when the oven timer went off so I turned off the oven, left the Le Cloaf in the oven to keep warm and went back to look after our guests.  One thing led to another (a whole other story with some great photos) and before you know it we were out to dinner somewhere else.  The Le Cloaf?  Left in the oven to be discovered the next morning.  The poor Le Cloaf never fulfilled it’s destiny by being a meal for us.

I’m taking Shannon to Le Clos this week.  I’ve still got a craving for meatloaf.

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