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Redemption Stew

November 30th, 2012 by theAddison

The fall weather is upon us bringing the changes in leaf colors, the anticipation of crisp mornings and the coming of winter.  In most of the country.  Not so much in Florida.  The fronds on this palm tree were changing color but that happens year round.  Crisp mornings?  We had 60 degrees and guests having breakfast out on the veranda this morning. 

Fall does however bring dear season.  Although I don’t hunt I am willing to cook up whatever my friends bring me and I was given a rather large coil of venison sausage yesterday.  I seasoned the sausage and cooked it through with onions and garlic all the while simmering a big pot of stock filled with veggies and herbs from the garden.  Add potatoes, carrots and green beans and simmer.  A splash of red wine vinegar right at the end finishes it off.

I called it Redemption Stew.  After last week’s debacle with the Le Cloaf I figured that I must whip up something from scratch worthy of my better half’s palate.  Her review?  “Hey, this is tasty!”.  That is good enough for me.  Thank you, dear and thank you, deer.

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