Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Kingsley Plantation

December 5th, 2012 by theAddison

A day trip to Kingsley Plantation is a great way to experience some local history while enjoying the diverse bio culture of the barrier islands.  A great day-trip is to take in the Plantation and then hop the ferry over the St Johns River to the town of Mayport, home to Singleton’s Seafood.  The food is good and you can sit on their outdoor porch and watch the boats as you enjoy lunch.  The Plantation is just 25 miles from the Addison, not too far of a drive at all.

Not too far of a drive indeed but I decided to ride my bicycle down there yesterday.  It was a great ride, leaving at 6AM in the dark.  I saw a deer crossing Atlantic into Fort Clinch State Park under the mist of a street light, saw a beautiful sunrise as I pedalled along A1A and saw raccoons, a snake and even a peacock along the way. 

I stopped at Kayak Amelia on the way back to say hi to Jodie and Ray.  Then back to Amelia Island and Sandy Bottom’s Restaurant for a pint with Artie.  It’s important to rehydrate after exercising and I had built up a pretty good hunger so kept riding to the Salty Pelican for a burger and fries.  I love their fries!

I rode a total of 52 miles with a riding time of two and a half hours down, about 3 hours back.  Not including stops.  The ride back was a little longer than I thought.  If I ever do that distance again I’m getting a new saddle for my bike.

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