Exterior of Addison on Amelia

Five Down, Five To Go

December 18th, 2012 by theAddison

We have had the pleasure of owning the Addison for five years now as of the 21st of December.  What a five years! 

Here is a brilliant example of what we didn’t know when we first opened the inn.  We bought those cute salt and pepper shakers to replace the mixed bag shakers that were here when we bought the inn. The pepper mills were loaded with peppercorns and I guess we thought the salt shakers were full of salt too.  It turns out that the salt shakers had a little roll of white paper inside of them to make it look like they were full.  We found that they were really empty halfway through our first breakfast.

We were looking for a lifestyle change when we bought the Addison and we found it.  We were living in Northern Virginia, the suburbs of DC, and I was spending way too much time working out of the country.  Now we are home together every night and my 5 minute commute is quite manageable.  The only reason it takes 5 minutes is because I stop between our apartment door and the front desk to make a pot of coffee for our early rising guests.

We were focused on looking for the right property during our B&B search and we were lucky that the right property we found is in such a nice community.  The beach is nearby, the Historic District has everything anyone could want and everything is close enough for a walk or a short bike ride.  There is a good line-up of festivals and events so that our guests always have something to do and the restaurants offer a wonderful selection.

I thank all of you who have come and stayed with us these last 5 years.  I thank those of you who have enjoyed themselves so much that they have shared their experience with an on-line review.  We need the feedback and the reviews help other people who are looking for a great weekend away.  

Five years down, five to go.  It took us five years to find the Addison and a great way of life.  If it is going to take you five years to change your life keep us in mind.  We might be ready for another lifestyle change. 

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