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New Year’s Resolution #1

January 5th, 2013 by theAddison

New Year’s Resolution #1

This is the first of 4 New Year’s Resolutions that are resolved for 2013. Stay tuned for the other 3 and feel free to post your own.

Shannon and I went on our first vacation in forever in 2012. My first resolution for 2013 is that we go on a vacation each year together. We encourage all of you to go on vacations, preferably to the Addison, so I think it is important that we get out once in a while too. Travel broadens the mind and sometimes even the waistline.

That being said, we are taking a February vacation. Kayak Amelia, one of our favorite local tour companies, rents a big house in the Florida Keys each year and runs kayaking, snorkeling and other day trips from a beautiful beach house in the Keys. They even bring a chef along who does cooking classes at night and cooks breakfast!

Check it out at www.KayakTheKeys.org. They have a couple spots available for the second week of February but the first week, with Shannon and Bob, is all booked up!

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