Exterior of Addison on Amelia

A Fine Line….

February 2nd, 2013 by theAddison

In gardening there is a fine line between “lush tropical growth” and “overgrown mess”.  When we bought the Addison 5 years ago the garden was an overgrown mess that had lost it’s way.  With the help of a local landscaper we developed a plan for the gardens and we have followed that plan over the years.  While I am good at watering, weeding and planting I do lack the technical skills to do pruning and shaping of the plants and the garden was getting overgrown again.

Enter Lisa Mac.  Lisa is a Master Gardener and she really knows her way around a set of pruning shears.  She has been at the Addison one day a week for a couple of months and what a difference!  In the photo, Lisa is standing in our knockout roses by the front sign.  These bushes were overgrown and not producing flowers until Lisa stepped in.  Take a look at the bushes now and keep in mind that this is February, not exactly peak growing season. 

Welcome to the team Lisa!

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