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Everything is Better With….

March 7th, 2013 by theAddison


Last year I had the pleasure of marrying a couple of local restaurateurs.  Ross is the chef at Kelley’s courtyard Cafe and his bride works just up the street at Fernandina’s Fantastic Fudge.  As we do with friends, I cut a deal with Ross and I waived the customary wedding fee.  Ross, in turn, promised me one of his cookie recipes.  Today he dropped off a couple dozen cookies and the recipe. 

What makes this recipe special?  Bacon!  Everything is better with bacon and these cookies are no exception.  We serve bacon at breakfast and have experimented with chocolate-dipped bacon but never thought of baking it inside a cookie. 

Ross made me promise not to share the recipe.  I’ll be hard pressed to share this batch of cookies either but you can buy them at Kelley’s.   

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