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The Back Door of Le Clos

May 7th, 2013 by theAddison

I have rambled on frequently about the incredible dining experience of our local French restaurant, Le Clos.  The food, the service, the wine list and did I mention the food?  Le Clos is a great place in which to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or just to have a great meal.  We usually save Le Clos for when family or special friends are in town but I do sneak a little Le Clos into our weekly diet.

Sometimes, if we don’t feel like cooking dinner but crave a great salad, I’ll walk Maggie Doone down to Le Clos by way of the Dog Star Tavern.  I can’t take Maggie Doone into the restaurant through the front door so we go around to the back door (photo) and pick up our salad there.  And what a welcoming back door that overlooks the herb garden behind the restaurant with a warm welcoming glow!  Our salad of choice?  The Le Clos Caesar Salad with grilled chicken.  The salad is never too heavy with dressing (awesome dressing!) and the grilled chicken is always spot on. 

Thank you to the management of Le Clos for accommodating my special needs (showing up at the back door with my little dog right in the  middle of a busy dinner service) and a big thank you to Katie for always making sure that our salad is tasty!

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