Exterior of Addison on Amelia

New Bubbles at the Addison

July 12th, 2013 by theAddison

After another brutal afternoon of wine tasting on the Addison’s veranda we have decided on some new additions to our Happy Hour adult beverage list.  Soon we can celebrate the Italian lifestyle (that is right off of the Mionetto brochure) with semi-sparkling wine cocktails.  The Mionetto Spriz has flavors of orange and enticing herbs (again, their brochure!) and the Ugo has notes of elderflowers and other natural flavors.

We’ll be serving these new cocktails on the veranda just as soon as we get them delivered.  Splits of the Spriz and Ugo will also be available along with splits of a Prosecco and Moscato in what we call a “Bucket o’ Bubbles” for you to share on your own porches.  Sparkling, sweet and delightful.  Just like me! 

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