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Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off

August 13th, 2013 by theAddison

addisonThe Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off is only 11 days away and I am getting really excited about this year’s event.  This is the event’s 4th year and it really has turned into a major barbecue competition. 

As an added bonus this year I am going to get first dibs on the barbecue ribs because I have been selected as a Celebrity Judge.  In this case the word Celebrity, I’m pretty certain, refers to my lack of training in professional barbecue judging.  Maggie Doone is more of a celebrity than I am but it would be mayhem to put her in a tent full of barbecued ribs and chicken.

Mark your calendars for a weekend of fun, music and great food!  August 23rd and 24th.  www.gstailgatecookoff.com for more info.

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