Welcome to the Marlin and Barrel Distillery

March 16th, 2015 by theAddison

We would like to welcome Fernandina Beach’s newest business venture, the Marlin and Barrel Distillery. We went to their soft opening last week and had a great time going through the distillery.

Roger is realizing the same kind of dream that Shannon and I had when we opened the Addison. Roger has a passion for craft distilling and ditched the corporate world for a business on Amelia Island, much like Shannon and I did.

The still isn’t much to look at right now. He has a couple of operating stills with the maximum being 700 gallons if I can remember the tour correctly. There are a few barrels stacked up and a bunch of liquor bottles but plenty of room for more barrels. Aging the spirits in the right barrel for months or even years is apparently a pretty important part of distilling. An expansive tool kit for maintain the equipment isn’t as important. Theirs is attached to the wall.

They have some great craft rum and vodka currently available. It isn’t a bar so you can’t drink there but they do have some great cocktail ideas posted on the walls for cocktails that will really go with the unique spirits that they produce.

Besides the liquor, they have a nice sideline gift shop full of flasks, glasses, umbrellas and other trinkets that would make great souvenirs. Stop by, check out their wares and tell them where you are staying!

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  1. Eugene Trudeau

    Will most likely drop in at the distillery while we are in the area.

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