Amelia Island Community Theatre’s Production of Inherit The Wind

April 14th, 2015 by theAddison

I met up with my friend Jim tonight and he has been having the time of his life. Jim is a retired radio announcer who has got the acting bug. This is his first acting appearance and he is in the Amelia Community Theatre’s production of Inherit The Wind.

This is, according to insiders (Jim), a hard production because there is a cast of over 30 actors (including Jim). They have been rehearsing for months and have nailed the first few performances (April 9th through the 25th). If you ever get a chance to meet Jim you will know why this group of volunteers manages to execute brilliant stage performances.

Community theatres usually run productions with a smaller number of cast members but this group has been ambitious lately including a full production of Hair. Including the rather brief nude scene. Imagine that, people you know, your neighbors perhaps, nude in front of you. But not Jim. And for that Jim, the community thanks you.

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