Vintage Gran Prix on Amelia Island

March 23rd, 2016 by theAddison

The Amelia Island Vintage Gran Prix, presented by Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, started yesterday at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport and runs through Sunday. Over 200 vintage racing sports cars (pre 1981) plus vintage motorcycles are competing on the original airport race course.

This is an awesome event. The last time these races were held the cars (the ones being raced today) were new. The event photos were in black and white. Taken on a camera with film. A lot of cooperation between local event organizers and the FAA, who are in charge of the airport, is giving this series of races an opportunity to be a major event.

In the photo is Mike, a guest at the Addison, who is racing his 1934 MG. Well, in the photo he is just sitting in it, looking fabulous, but you get the idea. The car is capable of speeding around the airport’s 2 mile race course at up to 72 miles per hour. Mike says that with an older car under you 72 MPH seems a lot faster.

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