Keep Those Postcards Coming In!

March 29th, 2016 by theAddison

There is something about postcards that I just love. Anybody can tweet, text, share a photo or e-mail you from somewhere but receiving a postcard means that someone has made an effort to say “Hi!”.

I used to travel internationally a lot. Lots and lots, to places that aren’t on the top of your “bucket list” of places to go. Writing 50 or 60 postcards to friends and family whilst stuck in a hotel room or a labor camp out in the middle of nowhere is a nice way to whittle away an evening. And it wasn’t easy. First you have to find postcards (found a lovely set of 1950 vintage postcards in a book shop in Yuhzno, Russia), find a post office and figure out the postage, often in a country where English is not the first language. Blogging moved in to replace postcards but I still found, wrote, stamped and mailed them. I still do.

I used to wonder what happened to all of the postcards that I had sent. Then I visited my grandmother who, at the age of 103, was living in an assisted living home. There, on the wall above her bed, were pinned all of the cards I had sent her over the years. Maybe not a hundred but close.

I keep all of the postcards that I receive (some in attached photo). The most recent is from Jenny, a previous housekeeper at the Addison. She has moved on and is now an au pair in Basel, France, looking after three small children. To me, it is always nice to hear from friends and family through a postcard. At least it is one piece of mail that isn’t a bill and it is a piece of mail that you can hang on to and keep.

My current address is:

Bob c/o Addison on Amelia
614 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Keep those postcards coming in!

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