32nd Anniversary

December 7th, 2016 by theAddison

We have a lot of guests at the Addison who are celebrating wedding anniversaries so you’d think we would be in tune with our own. Funny story about our recent anniversary….

Shannon and I were married 32 years ago on November 30th. On December 3rd, Shannon walked into the kitchen and asked “Guess what we forgot?” I was in the middle of breakfast prep so I’m thinking I forgot the potatoes or to squeeze juice but it turns out we both forgot our anniversary. I guess with all the excitement of Thanksgiving, the B&B Cookie Tour, Christmas decorating and preparing our list of grievances for Festivus we just got run over by the holidays and forgot.

We made up for it tonight with a nice dinner at Le Clos, where we usually go for our anniversary. I had the sea scallops (lousy photo but great food). with pasta and a delightful, light sauce. We ate (we both cleaned our plates), we laughed, we remembered 32 years.  It was good.

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