Green Approach to Bug Control

December 29th, 2016 by theAddison

Here we have a passive, green approach to mosquito control. Bats will eat 600 mosquitos an hour as they fly around at night. All they need is somewhere to live.

This bat house was just installed on the back of one of the Addison’s courtyard buildings where it is out of sight. It is a deluxe 2-hole house. Apparently if you put up a 1-hole house all you get is bachelor bats. A 2-holed house attracts breeding bat families. The local bats must be pretty small as the slot for them to climb up in and roost is only 1/2 inch wide.

The mosquitos haven’t been too bad this year. I have been sweeping citronella pellets through the cracks in the decks to keep mosquitos away but that just moves the problem to another area. Having a few bats flying around town at night should really cut back the flying bug population.

A big thank you to our local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for paying for the bat house and it’s installation.

Build it and they will come!

One thought on “Green Approach to Bug Control

  1. Mary Thomsen

    Love it! Always prefer the green way if possible. We actually gave a bat house as a wedding gift once. You had to know the couple… Mary

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