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Going Sailing on a Bonus Day!

January 7, 2012 by theAddison

Whenever we get days with weather like this I call them Bonus Days.  It is the first week of January and the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 70s.  Days like these are why people move to Florida.

We took full advantage of a Bonus Day yesterday and went sailing.  Our two sons, Matt and Dan, are visiting the Addison for the first time and we thought a sailing trip might be a good way to see some of the waters around the island.  We booked a half-day sail with Captain Tony of Windward Sailing and away we went.

We sailed out the Saint Mary’s River, past Fort Clinch and out into the Atlantic where the wind picked up and we headed south along the Amelia Island.  We weren’t far enough off shore to see the Right Whales that are here this time of year but we did see lots of dolphins.  On the way back to the marina we sailed along close to the Cumberland Island shore looking for wild horses.  We had a great day and Lee even got to steer the boat!


Keat Takes Bob Flying Over Amelia Island

December 5, 2010 by theAddison

I just love it when repeat guests walk in the front door of the Addison and yell out “Hi Bob, we’re home!”  I love it even more when they bring their own airplane and offer to take me flying with them  Keat and Diane flew down yesterday to spend the weekend with us.  They have a 1962 Cherokee 160 that they get around in and today Keat took me up for a spin around the north end of Amelia Island.

Keat at the helm.  Or wheel. 

We took off out of the local Fernandina Beach Airport just after noon and headed north along the river.  We cut over town and continued north to Fort Clinch.  In the video you can see a nice shot of Cumberland Island to the north although we were too high to see any of the wild horses.  We flew south along the beach and then back over town.  Hey, I can see my house from here!  We continued south along the marshes and rivers before heading back to the airport. 

I have told anyone who would listen over the last three years of inn ownership that I have had it with flying but this afternoon’s flight was thoroughly enjoyable.  The weather was perfect with about 30 miles visibility (we saw the lighthouse on St Simon’s Island) and we didn’t have to go through Immigration on arrival.  I hate going through Immigration but that is a whole other story.

It was great to see Diane and Keat again.  The Addison was full of repeat guests this weekend and Happy Hour was a stroll down memory lane.  It is so nice to have people return year after year to visit with us.  Especially when they bring their own plane.  Maybe one of our previous guests wants to come see us again and has a nice boat suited to off-shore fishing?

Maggie Doone Goes For A Cruise

November 23, 2010 by theAddison

Maggie Doone went on a cruise with Amelia River Cruises last week.  She had a great time and even got to bark at the horses on Cumberland Island.  Here’s a picture of Maggie sporting her life jacket. 

Maggie Doone Goes on a Cruise is her 5th video.  Her first one, Maggie Doone Goes for A Walk was featured at an Amelia Island Film Festival screening.  You can check them all out on our website or on YouTube by searching Maggie Doone.  Here’s a link.

Meanwhile, Maggie is resting up for her next big adventure.  There is a new skydiving service out at the airport…. 

Cumberland Island

August 27, 2008 by theAddison

We recently had a great opportunity to head over to Cumberland Island and walk around some of the older Carnegie mansions. There is a couple of ways of getting over to Cumberland Island. The way most people go is by car to St. Mary’s, Georgia, and then by National Parks Service ferry over to the island. The Parks Service has the franchise for passenger service to the island and is the only authorized pay-for-service to the island. The only other way to go to the island is if you have a friend with a boat. Private boaters can go over and tie up at the docks without getting fined.

We left Fernandina Beach marina and headed north to Cumberland Island. We cruised up Beach Creek through the marsh grasses. The tide was running out so we had to be careful and not get stranded but we did make it far enough up the creek to see oyster beds and several water birds. We could also see the tops of the Dungeness chimneys through the trees.

After leaving the creek we cruised up to the dock, tied up and started walking. We took a quick look at the Ice House Museum and then walked to the ruins. Dungeness used to be one of the Carnegie’s great houses. It sat on a grassy slope high enough to command a view of the incioming ships in the river. The house was burned back in 1959 over a poaching dispute and all that remains are the stone walls and chimneys. The Parks Service is stabilizing the ruins to prevent further damage and have it fenced off so you can’t actually wander through the house. The grounds are pretty impressive and it is easy to imagine ladies in long skirts and men in white linen playing croquet.

After wandering around for a while we got back in the boat and headed north. We went past the King’s Bay Naval Submarine Base and entered one of the many creeks that go through the salt marsh on the west side of Cumberland Island. We docked at Plum Orchard and got out of the boat for another wander around. Plum Orchard is a magnificent house that was built as a wedding present by Mrs. Carnegie for one of her children. The Parks Service is restoring the building and is doing a great job.

There was nobody around and the door was open so we went inside. Most of the furniture has been removed but the hardwood trim and floors are all in great shape. We went through the ground floor living rooms, entry foyer, the gun room and the parlor and then headed up one of the grand staircases to the upper floor. The bedrooms were still being restored but some of the previous grandeur could easily be imagined. Indoor plumbing too!
Then it was back downstairs and into the basement. As an engineer, I always think the basements are interesting. Thats where the mechanical systems are and where the structure is the most interesting and most often exposed to view. The elecrical panels, complete with big Frankenstein-type switches, were all restored and polished. The elevator turned out to be steam powered. After a few ups and downs, some dark corridors and creaking doors we made it to the recreational end of the building where the pool and the squash court are. The indoor pool is quite something with no shallow end for the Carnegies, just a metal pipe around the pool to hang onto when you get tired of swimming.
After roaming the grounds for a bit we were back on the boat and heading home. Along the way we saw dolphins fishing along the shallow shoreline. The dolphins were working in pairs herding fish into the shallows where they were easy to catch and eat. All we could see was a flurry of fins and tails as the dolphins fed.
Shortly afterwar that sighting we were back in Fernandina Beach, wind blown and sun burnt but having thoroughly enjoyed the boat trip. Off to the Palace Saloon to re-hydrate!

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